Tuesday, January 15, 2013


    It's winter and it's so cold. I miss to summer. Hot days and sleeping on balcony :) I remember like with my friends we had a date there and it was so "romantic"! :) We ate spinach tart, drunk wine and listened to music. I can only recall those moments, I miss them so much! Now it's cold, and snow outside the window. I'm sitting on my bad with cup of hot tea and wish it could be the summer... I miss when with my friends we were going somewhere, just to take some photos and have fun together! :) 
    This time it's so depressing for me. I don't know why. I still meet with my friends at university and in other places, but I think it's not the same. Sitting at my flat is not good, especially there is nobody to talk with. I mean I have roommates but I can't just talk to them when I feel bed. I need my best best friend. To talk about all and nothing, to make some crazy things and than regret it :) This is what I want now. Live my life! But... at university the exams have started and all I can do now is study, study and study, no fun, just study.

    Enjoy the photos :)

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