Thursday, October 31, 2013


It's been a while. I haven't written because there were lot of new things in my life. I could continue my studies so I deciced to go abroad to do something. And I did. I found a job in the internet and im here! Now I live in UK, in Surrey. It's beautiful in here. I work as an aupair. It's a good opportunity for someone who wats to improve language skills and travel. I don't know where I'll be in next 6 months but I'm sure that I started what I wanted! I don't know maybe I'll go to other country maybe I'll stay here, who knows that? For now I'm happy that I'm here. I met few girls who works just like I do. They are all from Spain. And it's good too, because I can try to speak Spanish as well. I'm really grateful that someone let me be here and I can change something.
For now I'm in Surrey, and I dont travel a lot, because I'm here for 3 weeks. But if only I could I would go and visit some places. I know that near my city there is a place where is house which was in "The Holiday". I know I have to visit it! What's more I know that somewhere near lives Mary Poppins! This is amazing! Oh, there is so many things to see, I can't wait! More than anything I would like to visit Southampton, this is the place where Titanic started his journey. 
I add some picures from my city, it's not so goos because I took it with my phone. I hope you like it! 
P.S Happy Halloween everyone!