Saturday, December 29, 2012


  How many times somebody told you words "I will never leave you"? Few months ago one person told me that and few days ago left me. It's hard to not thinking about him, it's really hard...  But this is the live... Full of disappointments, broken hearts, mistakes... Everyone learns from their mistakes who to trust, who not, what to do and what not... This is the life. It's not easy. 
  Sometimes I wish I could tie somebody up in my shoes, make somebody feel like me... People around me are sooo happy, the have what they want, they go where they want, have boys/girls who they want.
  But it's New Year soon, a new beginning, we can start new life if you only want. I made a new list of the provisions, even though I have not completed the last one. I hope next year will be better for me :)
Do you have any advices for me?

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