Sunday, December 16, 2012

Christmas time is coming...

  Have you ever dreamed about Christmas without your family and friends? I have, this year. I wanted to go somewhere I don't know, where is no people around, just like in "holiday" movie. I think everybody needs sometimes to be alone for a while. Don't know why at Christmas, but I wish I could go somewhere away from here. If i could't make it happen this year maybe next I'll try. New Year's Eve I'm spending at home with some good movie and bottle of wine. But before I'll feel the spirit of Christmas i have to stay at University until 21st December. Before I'll get home waiting for my five-hour train journey, probably with no seats. It's going to be amazing...
  Week ago came to Poland my best friend. Last time I saw him on May. He lives in UK for a year now. I missed him so much. He's leaving on Tuesday. I'm so sad about it but he has to go. We spent every single day together, shopping, talking, cooking and partying. We had so much to tell about our lifes. He invited me to come to his place on winter holidays, and on February I'm going to UK. It was so much fun to spend the time together. 
  Now I am thinking of Christmas with my family in my hometown away from University and study. I need this break. And when New Year comes I think I'll be a better person.

P.S Maybe I should start to add some photos of me and my friends?

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