Sunday, December 2, 2012

Finally back!

Hey Guys! I'm so sorry for not writing such a long time. I have my computer back! its so good feeling, but its only good thing what happened to me last times. 
It's so hard be happy when people who you dont know tell you that you don't suppost to be living because of your look. This is so unfair, why people say that? I didn't do anything wrong. And all I heard is that I'm such a bed person, why? Life it's to hard for me. I try to be me, not pretending anybody, do not argue with anybody and all I get is so many bad words! Sometimes I think it would be better not to be born. I'm not this happy and cheesing girl. Now I'm all the time sad and crying and I don't want to be any more. I want to be this happy girl again! Please tell me that somewhere in the world there are people who want to have me....

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