Friday, October 26, 2012

Broken computer

Since last week, I don't have a computer... Tha's why I wasn't writing nothing new. So I have to write everuthing now :) My roommate let me to use her computer if I want so I have connection with the world :) Last night I was with my friends in a music club and we party all night long :) It was amazing! So many new people, good music and friends - that's what makes me happy :) On Monday my friend is making a Halloween party and I have to dress up, but I don't know what I can wear... I'm thinking about it all the time. So my soscial life is quite good :)
Now university ;) so, what can I tell? Too much study. All these physics and maths stuff make me so tired, that ater my lessons all I want to my bad :)
I didn't have time for "sending" my message in the bottle, but I will do it the sooner I can :) Also I hope to get some photos from Halloween :) Question for you ... Who you want to be on Halloween party? :)

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