Friday, October 12, 2012

Message in the bottle....

       I've always dreamed of writing a letter, put it into a bottle and throw it to the sea. In our times people don't write a leters, now every body use phones or emails or messangers any way some quicker way to conntact with others. I've always wanted to write one, I don't know who can be that I'm writing to but I think I'll do it :) Unfortunately, I live far from the sea. To be honest I was never at the seaside. That's why I decided to thow my letter in to the river :) I have so many question... "Does someone find my letter?", "What I'm going to write in this?", "Is there some message that I want to share with some stranger, who will find it?".... So many unknowns.... But I've been waiting for all to long. I decided to do what I want and live my life! :) And since this year I'm going to do all that things I've always wanted! :) (Hope I'm gonna make it) I know, there are so many people who always wanted to do something, but they didn't have enough courage, I was one of them. Now, I think, I'm stronger to do some of them. I'm not the same Anna I was, I've never liked myself like my friends do. But I think it's time for change something, I can't always be in the same point. Live is moving on, so do we. 

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