Saturday, October 6, 2012

Without internet....

Last two weeks were terrible for me. I didn't have internet. I couldn't write a new post, but I'll try to write all things what happend :)
New place, new roommates. I was so scared when I came to my new flat but everithing seems to be ok. I met so many new people on my University. I din't expect that we make friends the first day but they are so quiet and polite ;p They don't want to party at all ;p However my roommates do! :) So in ur flat there is a lot of fun ;) Party all night long :) Amazing!
What's more.....? This weekend isn't good for me, because I'm sick :( I got a flu. I hope I'll be better soon :) I'm waiting for my friends to visit me in my new place, but I think they will come next weekend and than again PARTY! :) But I have to start to learn. Yesterday I had my first test. I hope I'll pass it! (cross your fingers :) )
I promise to write about all new things! Hope you like reading my blog! :)

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