Saturday, May 4, 2013

The best week ever!!

   I'm  really sorry for not writing for such a long time. I had problems with my health and some problems at home. I felt like nobody wants to help me, but it changed :)
   Last week I spend in Wrexham. It's a small town in Wales, UK. I wet there to visit my best friend. It was surprise for him. He had no idea that I'm coming. It was so good to see him :) and I think he was happy to see me because he cried ;) It was a grat time. We went for trip to Chester, for shopping! It was the best for me :D I bought so many clothes :) I love shopping and my friend doesn't :P Next day he was screaming for me because his legs hurt him :P But I had great time shopping :D
   Other day we went to Llangollen. I love this city. It such a lovely place :) I could stay there and live there as homeless person :P We were walking on river (not like Jesus :P, but on stones :) ).
   I felt in love with this city. So many beautiful places, homes, nice people. I know I have to come back there soon! This is the place where I feel amazing and nobody can disturb me. It's wonderful to feel all this feelings which I could feel there without having somebody next to you. I could be there alone and I know that it would be the same excting as with friends :)
   This is the best place for me I think!

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