Sunday, March 17, 2013

Really Hard Week

   Last week wasn't the best for me. I was twice in hospital and i felt really bed. I had also an argue with my roommate. I'm normal girl, I think so, but she... she is dfferent. She can do everything with guys in our room when I'm here, so I dont like it. 
   Why I was in hospital? this is a good question. I felt really bad, my stomach hurt, I felt huge pain and I thought that it could be something serious. That's why I decided to go to the hospital. I waited almost 3 hours for a doctor. I thought that I can't make it, it hurt me soo bad. But when they did to me all examination, everything was ok and doctors didn't know why it hurts me. First time they gave me prescription and I bought all medicines. I spend a lot of money, but it was getting worse. So I went again and I get an other prescription, and again I had to spend money. And now I have no idea how to survive without money till the end of the month. But there is good point too :)  I had my friend next to me so she helped me with all. She took me there, and waited with me. It's so nice to have somebody to lean on :) I'm glad that I have her next to me :) 
   What's more... In South Poland there is soo much snow that cars and some houses are almost cover :P This isn't a good news, but my little brother is amazed because of the snow :) My friend told me that they can't go anywhere by car. there is too much snow. It's hard to get anywhere. So mostly they all stay at home. I had to stay at home too, because I'm sick :( But tomorrow I'm going back to my University and friends. They miss me :) I get calls every day :) It's so nice to know that somebody is worried about you :) 
  I hope you have more reasons to be happy every day! :)

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