Wednesday, August 22, 2012


Last week I wast thinking too much... This week is so different! I got a huge kick! And it worked! You know? F**ck all the people who want's to tell you that you sucks, people who says that you can do everything you want and finally people who can help you and when you ask them only words thay can say is "keep doing what you want! " You know what? Keep telling this to someone else! I'm stronger I think. Of course there are moments of doubt, but I can make it, I hope so. Probably you guys know people with a dreams, but for some reason do not come true. Let's help all people! Let's bring them a faith that every thing can happen! Nobody can tell that people do what they want, NOBODY! I don't know how people who managed to get the help of somebody's not willing to help, I just don't know. If you got a hepl from somebody and you have an opportunity to help others do it! I don't have money and I don't know people who know somebody and they know somebody, but there are so many people who know somebody. 
If you are reading my blog, send it to others! Let's make our dreams come true! We won't be just sitting and talking, Let's do something! Let's shpw the world that you don't have to be rich or know many people to be somebody! We can show that without showing naked body, family's problems on TV and pretending "ordinary life" just for people we can do something!

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