Sunday, July 15, 2012

The weekend....

Weekend should be spent with family and friends. Meanwhile I was sitting in the room and watched movies (with a break for a Saturday shopping). But also cleaned the room because I'm waiting for the arrival of friends from college. I hope than I start to use my holidays ;) We want to go to Lviv, it's so close to my hometown but I've nerever been there. I want to go to the moutains and the lake. Hope to take some pictures from my trips ;) 
Today I got an invitation for my cousin's wedding. Should be fun, if I'll find somebody to go with.
But next week, this will be fun! I have to paint my room (it going to be red&white with a painting on the wall). Have to buy the paint, pull myfelf together and do the work :)
I still wondering if that was a good idea making the blog... Writing about your plans, life and friends to somebody.. I don't even know if there's somebody... Waiting for somebody, Anna.  

P.S I add a photo of my dream room ;) It's going to be difficult, because I share my room with my sister, but I think I'm gonna make it!

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